Base Matal Analyst (002518)











Main Tasks:

- Market Analysis for Base Metals (Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Manganese), mainly China market.
- Attend and present market view at conferences.
- Maintain relationship with the 3rd party analysis houses (BMI, CRU, FM, SMM, etc.)
Work closely with market analyst from internally (BASF Shanshan Battery -Materials) to maintain the S/D model and exchange the market view in a regular basis.
- Sit in on regional customer meetings to give battery metals market view etc.
Maintain BASF’s market data from all sources.

- Communicate weekly news and price movements through the following channels:
 Weekly markets update
 Monthly metal markets deep-dive
 BMLT presentations
 Regular updates to head
- Maintain supply databases for all metals; combine with divisional strategy forecasts to create supply/demand (S/D) balance.
- Presenting market view at monthly call
- Presenting market view at biweekly call
- Market view will include existing S/D, modeling of future S/D, lagging and leading indicators in the battery market that would change the elasticity of the market, short to medium term risks and opportunities
- Collaborate with controlling
 Send monthly price actuals and forecasts to controlling in order to help with management of BASF’s risk position.
- Tool development
 Trade analysis platform: collaborate with the Battery Pioneer team to build regional and global rolling monthly stock estimates for different metal forms. These metrics can then be used to inform short-term trading and hedging decisions.
 Price Dashboard: build out a fully-automated price dashboard from 3rd-party pricing data. This will allow the trading team to track basis risk and geographical arbitrages in real-time, as well as give important metrics on margin split along the value chain.
- Special Project support
 Ad-hoc deal analysis (excel, analysis, scenario modelling, etc.) to support special projects. Due to the rapid growth of the battery industry, there will be a pipeline of special projects that require in-depth analysis, anticipate at least 2 weeks per quarter.
- Ad-hoc deal support collaborating with special project teams to verify and detail out due diligence and expertise opinions related to metal pricing and S/D. Including any expected synergies related to the deal.


- Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics, Finance, Business Management, Science/Engineering; knowledge in chemistry/engineering would be a plus

Working Experience
- Several years of experience in the metals and mining industry – ideally battery metals like lithium and nickel – in either a trading, market analysis or procurement role
- Proven track record in high learning agility environments
- Familiarity with all facets of a trading operation would be beneficial
- Culture:
 Demonstrated strength in establishing and maintaining senior level relationships with internal management and external partners (joint ventures, suppliers etc).
 Ability to work in a matrixed environment to build organizational alignment.
- Communication and Influencing:
 Fluent in English with excellent written and verbal communication skills
 Interact with, and influence key people both within the company and externally, through superior communication and strong interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills.
- Travel: Willing and able to travel up to 20% of the time, locally and internationally as required.

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