Senior Operator, Production, Dispersions & Coatings Prod Shift C (Permanent Employment)











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1) EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety)

-        Ensures that all staffs / contractors always conduct the works based on the BASF’s SHE standard regulations

-        Participates and follows in the implementation of Safety, Health and Environment regulation and rules as company guideline in the working area as per ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

-        To ensure suitable PPE to be used based on the job operating procedure

-        To enforce best safety practise on the field, which include PPE, safety equipment, 5S, etc. 

EHS (Alam Sekitar, Kesihatan dan Keselamatan)

-         Memastikan semua staf / kontraktor2 sentiasa melakukan segala kerja berpandukan peraturan2 piawai BASF SHE.

-         Mengambil bahagian & mematuhi dalam perlaksanaan peraturan & undang2 Keselamatan, Kesihatan & Alam Sekitar sebagai petunjuk syarikat di dalam kawasan kerja sebagaimana ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001.

-         Memastikan peralatan pelindung peribadi (PPE) yang bersesuaian digunakan bergantung kepada prosedur operasi kerja.

-         Menguatkuasakan amalan keselamatan terbaik di lapangan, yang termasuk PPE, alat keselamatan, 5S, dll.


2)     Operations

-        To carry out the order from senior operator’s superior and distributing the daily jobs to operators.

-        To take charge in managing duty roster within group and other groups.

-        To carry out the works according to the Batch Card Safety.

-        To fill Batch card in the correct and proper manner.

-        As field trainer for junior field operator.

-        Responsible in handling DCS operation, backup DCS Boardman during DCS Boardman absence, e.g. EL or MC.

-        To carry out the works according to the Safety and Work Instructions of Production Department.

-        Responsible as 2nd permit issuer after Boardman. To help issue Safe and Hot work permit.






-         Menjalankan arahan daripada staf atasan / penyelia. dan membahagikan kerja harian kepada operator.

-         Mengetuai pengurusan jadual kerja dalam & sesama kumpulan.

-         Menjalankan kerja2 berpandukan Batch Card Safety.

-         Mengisi Batch Card dengan betul & dengan cara yang bersesuaian.

-         Sebagai jurulatih lapangan kepada operator baru.

-         Bertanggungjawab dalam penggunaan DCS, sokongan kepada DCS boardman semsa ketiadaanya, e.g. EL, MC.

-         Menjalankan kerja2 berpandukan arahan2 Keselamatan & Kerja Production Department.

-         Bertanggungjawab sebagai permit issuer kedua selepas boardman. Membantu penyediaan permit safe & hot work.


3)     5S activity in the plant area

-        Keep clean & tidy the plant & assigned areas.

-        To clean the working area after the works have been finalized.

-        To ensure that operator’s activities will not disturb or cause any problem for the company and also for the environment.

Aktiviti 5S di kawasan loji

-         Pastikan kebersihan & kekemasan kawasan loji & kawasan yang dipertanggungjawabkan.

-         Pastikan kebersihan kawasan kerja setelah kerja2 yang dijalankan di kawasan tersebut selesai.

-         Memastikan aktiviti-aktiviti operator tidak mengganggu atau menyebabkan masalah kepada kompeni dan juga kepada alam sekitar.

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